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Earl and Maggie DePass

Earl and Maggie

Parents of 4 Montessori students

“Montessori truly respects the individuality of the child. It develops the child not by constant drill, but by building upon fundamental concepts acquired by physically interacting with the environment.

“Children’s progress is not measured by test scores, but by how well they can teach what they have learned to others. Our daughters enjoy teaching and seeing others learn. This definitely comes from their Montessori nurturing.”

The DePasses initially noticed “something special” about friends’ Montessori-educated children who “displayed a level of self-confidence, leadership, and cooperation” that was quite remarkable. “Whenever we would visit their school, we could feel the strong sense of community and respect among families, teachers, and staff. Knowing those great kids and school community were being fostered by Montessori made us decide to pursue a Montessori education for our children.”

Maggie and Earl believe all children would benefit from Montessori schooling, especially children from low-income families. Maria Montessori first developed the “prepared environment” for children living in poverty, and their learning rivaled that of privileged children in traditional schools. The DePasses hope Montessorians will work together to make Montessori education available to children in our own underserved communities today.

Photo: Courtesy Earl and Maggie DePass 

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