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Arthur L. Costa, EdD

Art Costa

Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento, & co-founder, Institute for Habits of Mind

“As our young children face the complexities of the 21st and 22nd centuries, educational and business leaders are calling for school reforms that develop children's problem-solving, creativity, leadership, and collaborative and entrepreneurial abilities.

“However, Maria Montessori understood the importance of this a century ago. Sustaining children's innate curiosity, internal motivation, and openness to learning is what she professed.

“Is it time we returned to Montessori’s time-tested theories and strategies? I believe that the future of our society and planetary existence may depend on it.”

Art Costa has devoted his life to teaching people to think. Author and editor of numerous books and articles on “thought-full” instruction and assessment, he has shared his research and ideas with educators and policy-makers in all fifty states and on every continent. Through the Institute for Habits of Mind, he works to transform schools into learning communities where thinking and habits of mind are taught, practiced, valued, and infused into the culture.

Photo: Courtesy Art Costa

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