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Angela Goding

Angela Goding

Restaurateur & arts administrator

“Montessori used very creative ways to engage my mind from age 3 through first grade. Learning was playtime, and the joy of learning was the biggest gift my Montessori school gave me.

“I remember arriving at a new school for second grade much more advanced than my classmates in reading and math. Montessori had taught me in my most formative years that learning new things can be thoroughly enjoyable, and that lesson was permanently fixed.”

Angela Goding is passionate about art. With a master’s degree in arts administration from Columbia University, she has worked in an art gallery in Beijing, organized events at The Kitchen (a performance art venue in New York City), and led tours to visit artists in Brazil, China, and India for New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Angela is currently managing Saffron, the popular Thai restaurant her mother founded in San Diego in 1985.

Photo: Courtesy Angela Goding

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