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AMS Peace Retreat

Peace Retreat

Peace Retreat 2014Living Harmoniously with Nature

October 2 – 5, 2014
Fall Creek Falls Inn
Fall Creek Falls State Park
Pikeville, Tennessee

Members of the AMS Peace Committee took a break for a serene weekend in the harmonious and beautiful Fall Creek Falls State Park. Those who were in attendance created a gentle and fluid connection with nature that is sure to follow them back to the classroom and help them educate for peace across all grade levels.

The 2014 Peace Retreat brought together people from around the United States for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The topic, “Living Harmoniously with Nature,” included conversations and reflections around environmental awareness along with hikes in the beautiful Tennessee countryside. There was plenty of singing as well! Participants in the AMS Peace Retreat earned up to 19 hours of AMS continuing professional development in the most peaceful and relaxing way possible.

The retreat was led by Betsy Coe, and Patti Yonka. Get a flavor of the retreat by viewing the PowerPoint.

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