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Continuing Education

The AMS 2017 Annual Conference offers valuable opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Continuing Professional Development Hours (CPDs)

Participation in the AMS 2017 Annual Conference enables you to earn hours of continuing professional development.

To receive CPD hours, you must have your conference badge scanned by an AMS volunteer at qualifying events. Qualifying events are workshops, keynote presentations, networking sessions, and school tours.

For those on school tours: AMS volunteers will scan your badge as you board the tour bus. All others: AMS volunteers will begin scanning conference badges 15 minutes before an event ends. If you exit before that, you will forfeit the opportunity to earn CPD hours.

Maximum CPD hours per day:

  • Thursday: CPD hours vary according to event. (All Thursday events qualify except for the workshop “A Hands-On Introduction to 3-Dimensional Art” and the Opening Ceremony/Living Legacy Address.)
  • Friday: 6.25 hours
  • Saturday: 6.25 hours
  • Sunday: 2.75 hours
  • After the conference (by March 21) we will e-mail you a link for downloading your Certificate of Attendance, which will include your documented CPD hours. CPD hours are not transferable as college or university credit hours.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    In cooperation with Xavier University, AMS is pleased to offer conference attendees the option of purchasing CEUs for their contact hours at the conference. Each contact hour equals .1 CEU, with 10 hours equaling 1 CEU.

    To purchase CEUs, complete the order form and submit to: American Montessori Society; 116 East 16th Street, FL 6; New York, NY 10003-2163; Attention: CEUs. Forms submitted via mail must be postmarked no later than April 14, 2017. Any forms received after that date will incur a $25 late fee. Late forms are submitted to Xavier on the 15th of every month.

    Fees: $35 for up to 10.5 clock hours (1 CEU); $45 for up to 20 hours (2 CEUs); $55 for up to 30 hours (3 CEUs).

    Individual State Professional Development Fulfillment

    State Departments of Education and state licensing agencies may accept attendance at the AMS conference as approved professional development hours as required by these agencies. AMS recommends that you check with the individual agencies or department in your state to determine eligibility. Depending on requirements for approval, AMS may be able to register the conference for approval with your state. If you would like for us to register for approval in your state, please submit approval instructions and forms to Leah Zak. We will review all requests submitted, but regret that we are not able to meet the requirements for all states.

    MACAR Workshops & Transcript

    We are pleased to once again offer a special-education track presented by instructors from Shelton School & Evaluation Center. Focused on educating children at risk for learning differences, these carefully designed workshops are designated “MACAR” (Montessori Applied to Children at Risk/Learning Differences) in the conference program.

    MACAR workshops are open to all conference attendees. Attendees who attend all 8 of the MACAR workshops (Thursday – Sunday) will be awarded a transcript by Shelton School & Evaluation Center. The bearer will be considered by Shelton to have completed the first half of the MACAR Level 1 course and may register for the second half of the MACAR Level 1 course that will take place at Shelton School, July 6 – 14, 2017.

    To Register: Attendees interested in earning the transcript must register for both the MACAR workshop on Thursday Pre-Conference Day and the Full Conference. Attendance will be taken at the first MACAR workshop on Thursday, at which time individuals pursuing the transcript will be given a sticker to wear on their conference name badges. The sticker will guarantee reserved seating for these individuals at the remaining 7 MACAR workshops.

    For registration-related questions, contact Jennifer Demel, AMS conference coordinator. If you have further questions about the transcript, contact Pam Brockway, administrative assistant at Shelton School.

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