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Peace Support Materials

The teaching of peace and global citizenship can benefit from the experiences of others on the same path. Below are resources you can count on to inspire and inform.


Search the web for books about Montessori and you'll find hundreds of titles. To help you narrow your choices, we've put together a select list of Recommended Books—and all are available for purchase.


Educating for Peace: The Essence of Montessori, produced by Eric Johnson (Educational Video Publishing) in partnership with AMS.
Featuring children from birth through high school, this 21-minute DVD examines how children in Montessori programs learn grace and courtesy, resolve conflicts, care for the environment, and come to respect other cultures. To order, contact Educational Video Publishing.


The Pasos Peace Museum is a physical and virtual gathering place dedicated to peacebuilding through education and the arts and to connecting and inspiring peacebuilders around the world.


The Peace Alliance is an excellent resource for information about peace education and conflict resolution. Sign up for their eNewsletter for regular updates on their activities and peace actions alerts.

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