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Teacher Education Scholarships

Student and Teacher

Every year, the American Montessori Society awards teacher education scholarships to aspiring Montessori teachers.

Through the awarding of Teacher Education Scholarships, AMS supports the growth of Montessori teachers of tomorrow.

Those eligible to apply for scholarships are individuals who have been accepted, are in the process of being accepted, or are already enrolled in an AMS-affiliated teacher education program.


An application for the 2016 – 2017 academic year will be available in January 2016.
Submission deadline: May 1, 2016

Applicants are considered on the basis of financial need, a compelling personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation, and official verification of acceptance into an AMS-affiliated program.

If you have questions, contact Abbie Kelly.


Scholarships are drawn from 3 funds:

  • The AMS Teacher Education Scholarship Fund, for which monies are raised in honor of the current Living Legacy.
  • The Zell Family Scholarship Fund, established in 1995 by Dr. Pamela Zell Rigg to honor the memory of her late mother, Agnes Kister, and her late brother, John Kister Zell. Dr. Rigg seeded the initial fund with $20,000 and grew it to $100,000. AMS administers this fund, each year drawing from it to award 2 scholarships of $1,000 each.
  • The Joanne P. Hammes Scholarship Fund, established by an anonymous donor in 2013 to honor Ms. Hammes’ lifelong work as a Montessori educator. AMS administers this fund, providing 1 scholarship of $1,000 every year that funds are available.

2014 Awards

In 2014, the American Montessori Society awarded $34,000 to 18 aspiring Montessori teachers in honor of AMS 2014 Living Legacy John Chattin-McNichols. We extend our congratulations to these deserving individuals and wish them joy in their studies at AMS-affiliated teacher education programs.

  • Ashleigh Atkinson (Elementary I), Montessori Teacher Education Center/San Francisco Bay Area, San Leandro, CA
  • Vera Berlyavsky (Early Childhood), West Side Montessori School Teacher Education Program, Brooklyn, NY
  • Kelley Breene (Elementary I-II), Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, Silver Spring, MD
  • Joni Camp (Early Childhood), Hope Montessori Educational Institute, Saint Louis, MO
  • Catherine Greene (Infant & Toddler), Center for Montessori Teacher Education – NC, Angier, NC
  • Ashley Juniper (Early Childhood), Montessori Center for Teacher Education, San Diego, CA
  • Amy Larkin (Elementary II), Institute for Montessori Innovation, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Roxana Lazar (Elementary I), Montessori Western Teacher Training Program, Garden Grove, CA
  • Bethany Mahar (Early Childhood), Northeast Montessori Institute, Warren, ME
  • Tegan McDonough (Elementary I), Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, Boulder, CO
  • Robyn Miller (Early Childhood), Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center, Libertyville, IL
  • *April Price (Infant & Toddler), Barrie School – Institute for Advance Montessori Studies, Silver Spring, MD
  • *Rebecca Riemschneider (Infant & Toddler), Seton Montessori Institute, Clarendon Hills, IL
  • *Steven Sikes (Secondary I-II), Houston Montessori Center, Houston, TX
  • Brecca Smith (Early Childhood), Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest, Bothell, WA
  • **Marie Strampe (Elementary I-II), University of Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, WI
  • Dylan Veal (Early Childhood), Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center, Libertyville, IL
  • Katheryn Walker (Early Childhood), West Side Montessori School Teacher Education Program, Brooklyn, NY

*Scholarships awarded are from the Zell Family Scholarship Fund
** Scholarship partially funded by the Joanne P. Hammes Scholarship Fund


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