2022 Board-Nominated Slate

Each year, the Board-Nominated Slate contains individuals who ensure that the AMS Board includes persons with expertise in needed specialties. In 2022, three individuals are on the slate.

Members can vote to either:

  • Approve all 3 candidates or
  • Not approve all 3 candidates

The slate will take office in July 2023.

Meet the Candidates

Geoffrey E. Bishop

Executive Director and Founder, Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori School, Mukwonago, WI

On the slate as: Professional Director

“I have served on the AMS Board for the past three years and I am currently serving as the Chair of the Montessori Life Editorial Advisory Board, Chair of the Global Committee, and Co-Chair of the Development Committee. I also serve on the Springtime Fancy Committee, Finance Committee, Member Engagement Committee, and am on the Executive Director Evaluation Group. I enjoy my work on all these committees, take each position seriously, and happily put in the hours that it takes to get the work done. I have spearheaded the AMS initiative to advance its work in China and have worked closely with accounting lawyers and the Chinese government to secure AMS as a viable organization in China, to support its growing teacher education programs and members. There is much work to be done to advance the work of AMS nationally and globally and I am up to the task of supporting and working to achieve those goals.”

Amira Mogaji

District Transformation Coach, Battle Creek Public Schools, Battle Creek, MI


AMS-credentialed (Administrator)

On the slate as: Professional Director

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve on the American Montessori Society Board of Directors as a board director, the vice president, and the AMS board president over the last four years. During my board service, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in AMS’s journey to becoming a more inclusive Montessori membership organization that works to support its individual members, member schools, and teacher education programs in providing equitable Montessori learning experiences for all students and families. My primary goal as I continue my board service is to work collaboratively with the AMS board directors to create space for AMS to continue its journey of transformation by effectively addressing all of the strategic priorities (inclusion/equity, quality, membership, communication, institutional advancement) while maintaining the integrity of high-quality, high-fidelity Montessori education for all students with an equity lens, guided by the American Montessori Society Anti-Bias, Antiracist statement approved by the board of directors.”

Debbie Senoff-Langford

Head of School, Jarrow Montessori School, Boulder, CO

AMS-credentialed (Elementary I, 6 – 9); London Montessori (3 – 6)

On the slate as: Professional Director

“It has been an honor to serve on the AMS board over the last few years, most especially as the Heads of Schools chair. Supporting leaders and enabling AMS to provide multiple vehicles and member networks to thrive is so critical as we navigate the challenges in our schools today. As an organization, expanding our reach and fostering inclusiveness amongst our members is a high priority. In addition, acknowledging intergenerational issues as they relate to Montessori philosophy and practices, needs to be woven into the fabric of our communications and needs to better foster connections with one another.

Supporting the strategic objectives of AMS and stewarding our resources responsibly is critical to the overall health of our organization. The board prioritizes the most effective ways to ensure each dollar collected supports our members with outreach including our global members, professional development in all its forms, our AMS staff, and most importantly our children to whom we serve.”


Individual members will receive an email with a unique link to access the ballot. Member schools and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs will also receive an email with a link. It will go to their organization email address. The last day to vote is April 8, 2022, 4:00 PM (ET).

Individual members: Every current individual member has 1 vote (to either Approve or Not Approve) the Board-Nominated Slate.

Organizational members: Every member school, and every AMS-affiliated teacher education program has 1 vote (to either Approve or Not Approve) the Board-Nominated Slate on behalf of the entire organization, including satellites and/or additional levels/locations.