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Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI)

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The American Montessori Society is working in collaboration with the Association Montessori International/USA on an effort called the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI). We believe that by sharing a common voice with our AMI/USA colleagues, the entire Montessori Movement will be strengthened.

MPPI Mission  

To promote policies to protect authentic Montessori implementation.

MPPI Vision

A policy landscape ensuring children of all ages have access to authentic Montessori education.

The Montessori Essentials

Created by the MPPI, “The Montessori Essentials” outlines the various components of a Montessori classroom and explains how these components work together to create a successful learning environment. It is intended as a resource to be used in advocating with policymakers and regulatory agencies.

For More Information

Additional details can be found on the MPPI website.
Questions may be directed to Timothy J. Purnell, executive director of AMS.


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