Applications Sought for 2024 AMS Board of Directors

June 5, 2023—If you are an energetic and engaged member of the AMS community and would like to deepen your commitment and involvement, we invite you to apply for our board of directors. As a director, you would be part of a working board that devotes substantial time to seeing through projects and policies for the betterment of AMS and the global Montessori community. You would also be helping to chart the course of AMS—the world’s largest and most influential Montessori organization.

The application window for the 2024 Board of Directors is now closed.

The Directorship Committee of the AMS Board of Directors will review all applications and approve select applicants as candidates to enter the election, with intent to ensure that the board is representative of its constituents and well-equipped to work on its strategic goals.


  • June 5 – June 30, 2023: Applications are accepted.
  • Summer 2023: Applicants are reviewed and chosen applicants are notified of their candidacy status.
  • Fall 2023: Elections are open for AMS membership.
  • Winter 2023: Voting closes.
  • January 2024: Election results are announced.
  • March 2024: New directors are required to observe and attend our spring board meeting at The Montessori Event. Term of office begins after the meeting.

Why Serve on the AMS Board of Directors?

Serving on the AMS Board will give you the opportunity to contribute talent, expertise, and energy to support our mission and be a vital link between our organization and members. Your time on committees and in work groups will further the strategic priorities while assisting the work of the AMS staff. Board Directors review, discuss, and vote on items that lead to great change and progress in the Montessori community. The work is exciting, impactful, and purposeful.

General Requirements for All AMS Board Directors

All AMS Board Directors:

  • Shall be active members in good standing of AMS.
  • Shall affirm acceptance, endorsement, and promulgation of AMS by-laws and policies.
  • Shall actively work to carry out the mission and strategic goals of AMS.
  • Shall understand and accept all aspects of confidentiality during and after appointment periods.
  • Shall have the willingness and ability to devote the time necessary to support board activities. This includes spending 4 – 5 hours a week on board activities; attending virtual board meetings throughout the year; attending The Montessori Event and in-person board meeting each March; serving on multiple committees; and reading and responding to board updates posted on AMS Connect throughout each month.
  • Shall serve on a task force and/or committee or workgroup along with staff and other volunteers on AMS-related projects.
  • Shall not engage in activities that constitute a conflict of interest to board members. Broadly defined, board members shall be considered to have a conflict of interest in any vote or decision if there exists a possibility of personal gain, either directly or indirectly, for themselves or their relatives as a result of such decisions.
  • Shall agree not to represent one’s self as a spokesperson of the board or AMS without the express authorization of the president, both while serving as a board member and after leaving board service.
  • Shall have an understanding of the governance operations of a strategic planning and policymaking body.
  • Shall have an understanding of the financial and fiduciary responsibilities of the board to the Society membership.
  • Shall be willing to participate by contributing to AMS fundraising initiatives.
  • Shall present themselves as directors loyal to AMS, while serving on the AMS Board of Directors and after leaving board service.

Open Positions

Professional Director

The directors on the board represent all members and constituents within our global professional organization and follow the general requirements of the board as listed above.

In addition to the general requirements, applicants must also have:

  • Working knowledge on the role and function of a nonprofit board. Previous board experience preferred but not required.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability and willingness to contribute the time and effort needed to fulfill the obligations of the position. This includes preparation for and travel to board, committee, task force, and work group gatherings and having the support of their employer.

Teacher Educators Section

The purpose of the AMS Teacher Educators Section (TES) is to provide a forum for teacher educators to connect and collaborate. The shared participation in professional development advances Montessori philosophy knowledge and applies adult education research to Montessori teacher education preparation.

The Teacher Educators Chair must be a current director of an AMS-affiliated teacher education program in good standing with AMS and they must hold a recognized Montessori credential. They must be able to attend and participate in all TEAC activities, including a three-day in person meeting each year (in conjunction with The Montessori Event) and virtual meetings as scheduled. The Teacher Educators Chair must also serve on workgroups and committees and participate in affiliation reviews and on-sites as required. The term of office for the Section Chair is 3 years.

In addition to meeting the general requirements for all AMS Board directors, nominees for chair of the Teacher Education Section must be:

  • A good communicator, listener, and organizer.
  • A thoughtful reader who reflects on teaching and teacher educating practices and keeps abreast of educational trends.
  • Able to moderate and lead discussions with teacher educators in an online community.
  • Able and willing to contribute the time and effort needed to fulfill the obligations of the position. This includes preparation for and travel to board, committee, commission, task force, and work group gatherings and having the support of their employer.
  • Serves as the official TES and TEAC representative to the AMS Board.
  • Communicate with AMS-member teacher educators through such vehicles as AMS Connect, community emails, and Montessori Life.
  • Moderate and lead discussions with the teacher educators in both our online and in person communities.
  • Represent the interest of teacher educators as a member of the AMS Board of Directors.
  • To Apply

    Review the information above to make sure that you qualify. If you do, complete the application by 5:00 PM (ET), June 30, 2023. If you have further questions, please reach out directly to the Chair of the Directorship Committee, Anita Hanks, at