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AMS & the United Nations

United Nations

AMS is proud to be recognized by the United Nations as an associated non-governmental organization (NGO), a tie that opens new worlds to our educators and learners and gives voice to Montessori with groups from around the globe.

The United Nations offers weekly briefings—typically a video and panel discussion—on topics relevant to the work of the UN and its associated NGOs. Our representatives to the UN attend briefings related to peace education and children’s advocacy issues, gaining insight and inspiration that they share in AMS publications and workshops.

AMS reps also participate in the UN’s annual conference for NGOs when it is held stateside, and have presented several programs on peace education for young children.

Our association with the UN is a unique opportunity to connect with educators and others committed to the well-being of children and families. It’s a chance to exchange ideas and experiences, to discuss Montessori as practiced in the United States, and to offer interested parties a helping hand.

Our UN Representatives

AMS is represented at the United Nations by:

  • Marie M. Dugan – former AMS executive director and board president; former head, Wilmington Montessori School, DE
  • Maria Gravel – education consultant; former head of Elizabeth Seton Preschool, New York City
  • Lesley Nan Haberman – head of The Family School and The Family School West, New York City

Photo: UN Photo/Andrea Brizzi

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