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Starting a Montessori School

Do you ever envision a group of eager young faces in a classroom—and a school facility—that you lovingly put together from scratch?

Starting a school takes much thought, planning, and effort, but it’s a dream that Montessorians worldwide have successfully pursued. If you’re thinking of starting a Montessori school, or just wondering what’s involved, explore the links below for useful details.

We offer this guidance with the reminder that AMS does not render legal, accounting, or other professional services. Expert assistance will be essential for some tasks, but professional services may be advisable at other times as well.

Over time, we will make more resources available here, including sample school documents and forms. If you have items to contribute, please contact us.

Some Considerations & First Steps

Wondering where to begin? Here’s some advice from Montessorians who have been through the process.

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    Classroom Materials

    The American Montessori Society School Accreditation Commission and the AMS Teacher Education Action Commission offer you lists of suggested learning materials for each Montessori classroom level.

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      Hiring Credentialed Teachers

      Ensuring that you have properly credentialed teachers in your classrooms from the get-go will help poise you for success as you work your way up the AMS membership ladder.

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