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AMS members can join our secure ListServers—e-mail discussion groups where professional Montessori educators discuss shared interests and concerns.

Who Can Subscribe?

Peace ListServer: all AMS members

Teachers ListServer: AMS teacher members and adult learner members

Heads of Schools ListServer: AMS members who are heads of AMS member schools

Teacher Educators ListServer: AMS members who are directors and instructors at AMS-affiliated teacher education programs

How to Subscribe

For the Teacher Educators ListServer, please email For all others, please email

To Send a Message

Once you've subscribed, your e-mail messages to the ListServer will be distributed to everyone on the list.


For any technical issues regarded to the ListServers, please contact Andrew Hofland, manager of information technology


Acceptable Use Policy

Subscribers are accountable for their submissions to AMS ListServers. All participants must understand and agree to our acceptable use policy.

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