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Montessori Videos

To get a feel for what Montessori is all about, there’s nothing like seeing it in action! The videos below feature students from a range of Montessori schools; we invite you to “step inside” and see what the excitement is all about. You’ll also hear unique perspectives from Montessori advocates and other notables.

Please feel welcome to embed our videos on your own website. Just click the paper airplane "share button" on the upper right of any video; then click the </> button. This will give you the HTML code for copying and pasting into your HTML editor. Voila! Video content for your site!

NBA MVP Stephen Curry: “Montessori helped me become the person I am today.”

Stephen Curry explains how his Montessori background gave him the confidence to become the MVP of the NBA.

Montessori and Children with Special Needs

Parents and teachers explain how integrating children with special needs into the Montessori classroom can facilitate discipline, confidence, and growth. By observing each child, Montessori teachers create individualized lesson plans that meet the needs of every child.

Montessori: The Elementary Years

Learn how the Montessori Elementary years—ages 6 through 12—prepare children intellectually, emotionally, and socially to navigate the next stage of their education.

"Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering & Essential"

Learn why the Montessori kindergarten year—the third and final year of the Montessori Early Childhood cycle—is a foundation for life.


"The World Needs All Kinds of Thinkers," with Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, PhD, scientist and autism activist, explains that different people learn in different ways—and makes the point that we must embrace all kinds of thinking.


"Montessori: Valuing Diversity," with Andrew Solomon

National book award winner Andrew Solomon (Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity) discusses how teaching children to value diversity and accept differences can have a profound impact on society.


"What Children Teach Us About Peace," with John Hunter

John Hunter, creator of the World Peace Game, shares his thoughts about peace education and how Maria Montessori’s ideals of the prepared environment and following the child can lead to new discoveries for students and educators alike.


"Living Montessori: The Parent Perspective"

Parents tell you, in their own words, what makes Montessori education special. Go "beyond 2+2" and see the difference that Montessori can make in your child's life.


"Living Montessori: Inside the Montessori Classroom"

Take a glimpse at the vibrant and nurturing environment that children of all ages experience in a Montessori classroom.

"Living Montessori: Stephen Curry & Family"

NBA superstar, Stephen Curry, and his remarkable family, tell us how a Montessori education has helped shape their outlook on life in this exclusive interview. Filmed at the Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman, where Stephen's mother, Sonya Curry, is the head of school.

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