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All of the Secondary webinars on this page are available on-demand. Rentals are for 30 days. We also offer live webinars; you can view them here.

Anti-Bias Education for Students & Educators Alike

We will embark on the process of understanding ourselves and our students through the lens of Anti-Bias Education: an active approach to maintaining a culturally responsive environment for all learners. This webinar will introduce you to the 4 goals of Anti-Bias Education for children and the 5 goals for adults.

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    Anti-Bias Education for Students & Educators Alike, Part 2

    Some of us may ask how or even why discussions of race, gender, and other topics are relevant or appropriate. This webinar continues the discussion began in our previous webinar with a discussion on the importance of anti-biased, anti-racist practice at individual, class-wide and school-wide levels; and offers concrete tools to support you in the essential task of continuing your own spiritual preparation.

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      Breaking the Cycle - Uncovering the Roots of Misbehavior

      Join us as we understand and learn to respond to children with chronic behavioral challenges in a manner that is both proactive and consistent with the Montessori approach for respect in the classroom.

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        Building the Self: A Toolkit for Self-Regulation

        Our presenter will outline methods for preparing an environment for self-regulation, including tools for planning, goal setting, time management and behavior management. He will also describe community norms in which children co-create and collaboratively maintain the rules.

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          Building the Self: Self-Regulation, the Successor to Normalization

          Biff Maier presents recent research in self-regulation and its compatibility with Montessori’s vision of the normalized child.

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            Connections Matter: Skills for Creating, Strengthening, & Maintaining Meaningful Interpersonal Connections

            Learn techniques to help you and your students initiate, maintain, and strengthen connections in all areas of your lives.

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              Creating Community: Differentiation in Secondary Montessori Classrooms

              In this webinar, we will describe methods useful for enabling an interdisciplinary, thematic, and collaborative approach to Secondary subjects in which students are not grouped by abilities or age.

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                Healthy Classrooms

                This webinar will introduce participants to the Healthy Classroom Checklist− addressing social interactions, work choices, independence, and classroom management techniques.

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                  Inclusion in the Montessori Environment (7 Webinars)

                  This webinar bundle provides access to 7 workshops that address inclusion within the Montessori environment—all for 1 low price. You will come away understanding the history, vocabulary, and best practices around inclusive classrooms, along with tools and techniques for student assessment and observation, curriculum design, and for offering support to vulnerable children.

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                    Internalizing the Hierarchy of Numbers

                    This webinar will not only reacquaint attendees with important introductory lessons on the hierarchy, but will also explore new ways to use traditional Montessori materials that are already in the classroom, as well as new materials that focus on hierarchy in engaging and unique ways.

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                      Leveraging Current Research to Support Montessori

                      Demand for data and research to support the proliferation of Montessori principles and practices is growing quickly, as is research from mainstream education supporting Montessori practices. We’ll talk about how to make this data work for you in your efforts to champion Montessori—whether to parents, future Montessori educators, or public policy wonks.

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                        Montessori & ADD/ADHD

                        This webinar will present an examination of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit disorder in children from early childhood to adolescence, with a focus on children in the learning and social environments. 

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                          Montessori Teacher Development: Nurturing the Seeds of Transformation

                          When we nurture and nourish the seeds of transformation, we can truly blossom. During this webinar, we will use the imagery of a seed to identify what is needed to break through the protective coat of our current Montessori practices.

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                            No More Mean Girls: Creating Positive Girl Behavior

                            Certified parent educator Yvonne Nass will address these so-called “mean girls” and explore causes, typical behaviors, and impact on a group, and she will provide helpful strategies for balancing out these behaviors in a positive manner.

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                              Perspectives in the New Literacy: Coding, Programming, and Problem-Solving

                              Our students are part of the continually evolving digital world and have an opportunity to engage critically and purposefully with technology. The presentation will share different ways to introduce programming, and coding concepts to complement and support the Montessori curriculum.

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                                Socratic Discourse: Preparing the Environment for Thinking, Listening, & Speaking

                                In this refresher course for trained Montessori Secondary teachers who are familiar with conducting structured discussions with their students, you will be invited to examine key components needed for conducting successful Socratic discussions* with adolescents. After a review of relevant background information, the focus will turn to preparatory lessons, choosing appropriate texts, and writing and clustering questions as the “prepared environment” for discussion.

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                                  Technology for the Digital Immigrant

                                  This webinar will focus on cross-platform computer programs that can be used to improve school administration and classroom management.

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                                    Transdisciplinary Education: Applying Montessori Philosophy to Secondary Curriculum

                                    John Branch will explain how transdisciplinary learning is a critical component of Montessori Secondary education.

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                                      Using Cosmic Education to Teach Peace & Social Justice

                                      By emphasizing our common origins with other humans, other living species, and with Earth and the universe itself, the Montessori Cosmic Education curriculum calls upon each person to help make the world more peaceful, socially just, and respectful of nature. This workshop will explore practical ways to make this understanding a part of the classroom.

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