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Water Activities Beyond Float & Sink

Presenter: Marie Conti
For: Early Childhood and Elementary teachers, school administrators, and teacher educators 

What do your students know about evaporation, absorption, saturation, precipitation, and pollution? This webinar will give you a wealth of ideas for step-by-step lessons that include experiments and other activities that will pique their curiosity about the many properties of water—and set them on the road to exploration and discovery. Along the way, they will also develop an appreciation for water as a fragile resource. You’ll also come away with a list of recommended reading to help further your knowledge (and theirs), relevant websites, and suggestions for materials that can support water work both inside and outside your classroom—many of which can be found right at home.


This presentation is available for a 30-day rental via Vimeo On Demand, allowing you to view the webinar at any time, as often as you would like, within your rental period.
$55/individual (Certificate of Continuing Professional Development for 1 person)
$200/group (CPD certificates for up to 20 persons)

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