Online Professional Development Bundles

Curated combinations of online PD offer a deep dive into a specific topic.

Is there a topic you’d like to explore from a number of different angles, but you’re not sure which AMS resources piggyback off of one another? Check out our online bundles. Each consists of several hand-picked resources that speak to a specific subject area, enabling you to deepen your level of inquiry without having to search through all the options on your own. While each is valuable on its own, experienced together, they weave a rich tapestry of ideas and perspectives.

All Online Professional Development Bundles feature:

  • A variety of components related to a specific topic, which you can explore at your own pace, 24/7.
  • Presenters who are top educators and other leading spokespersons in the field.
  • Continuing professional development hours, all of which qualify for the AMS PD requirement. The number of CPDs awarded varies per bundle.
  • Certificate of attendance for each component.
  • *Extended online availability, so that you have plenty of time to explore discover, and ponder. The availability offered varies per bundle.

And, good news, if you’re a member of AMS, your PD voucher can be applied to the rental price of PD bundles. In some cases, it may cover the entire cost.

*Compared to renting each component on its own.

Current Bundles

Inclusion in Montessori

In this online bundle, you will learn find a collection of resources that will help you prepare an environment welcoming to all the students we encounter in our Montessori environments, including those with learning differences. They also address common concerns around inclusive classrooms, best practices, and tangible solutions. Register Now >>

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