Online Classes for Educational & Professional Development

Virtual events for Montessori educators.

AMS offers a virtual classroom that goes well beyond a traditional webinar experience. With HD-quality recordings and community building tools at your disposal, our interactive, online classes will engage and excite you.

There are 2 types of Montessori online classes: Presenter-Guided and Self-Guided. Both are multi-part and provide opportunities for you to deepen your level of inquiry and involvement by engaging with your online learning community.

All online classes feature:

  • Sequential modules, available 24/7, that you can explore at your own pace.
  • Discussion boards that enable you to connect with other class participants. Each module has its own discussion board, so you are always assured of connecting with others who are exploring the same material you are.
  • Continuing professional development hours. The number of CPDs awarded vary per class.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Availability to you for 30 days.

In addition, each Presenter-Guided class:

  • Starts on a specific date and time, so that you and other participants are exposed to the same information at the same time. This said, you still explore modules on your own schedule, and at your own pace.
  • Includes participation by the presenter in several of the discussion boards.
  • Includes a live webinar with the presenter after the final module, during which you can probe aspects of class content that have particularly captured your interest and piqued your curiosity.

Current Classes

Spontaneous ActivityCreating a Culture for Spontaneous Activity

This Self-Guided Class defines what we mean by spontaneous activity—a hallmark of our practice that is often misunderstood, conjuring up notions of impulsivity in our classroom environments. Register Now >>


InclusionInclusion & Montessori Philosophy

How does an educational method help individuals who have atypical development to achieve more typical development and ability to learn? In this Self-Guided Class we explore how to apply Montessori education to children with varying learning exceptionalities. Register Now >>


Mathematical MindThe Mathematical Mind

In this class, we will refresh your understanding of Montessori’s philosophy on mathematical education. We will explore how math materials support problem solving and healthy brain development. Register Now >>

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How Online Classes Work

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