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Presented by: Joyce Pickering
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Maria Montessori used the scientific method of hypothesis, observation and conclusion to create a method to help children who learn differently. Her collaboration with Eduard Sequin and Jean Itard looked to answer the question: How does an educational method help individuals who have atypical development to achieve more typical development and ability to learn?

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In this online workshop, we will explore how to apply Montessori education to children with varying learning exceptionalities. We will do this by providing an overview of the anatomy of the brain, and explain how humans learn and process information. Next, we will explore Montessori’s Four Planes of Development for children with typical and atypical development. Then, we will guide you through the process of creating a learning profile (coinciding with Montessori lessons) for children with learning differences through the use of several assessments: guided observation, screening, and full evaluation. Finally, we will apply Montessori education to children with varying exceptionalities. This will include an examination of the 9 principles of Montessori education described by Dr. Angeline Lillard.

Learner Outcomes

  • To identify parts of the brain and how humans learn.
  • To understand the connection between Montessori’s Four Planes of Development with children who have typical and atypical learning development.
  • To differentiate the multitude of varying exceptionalities.
  • To apply Montessori education to children with varying exceptionalities.

Included Modules

  • Module 1 - Introduction and Mapping the Mind
  • Module 2 - Typical and Atypical Development
  • Module 3 - Assessment and Diagnostic Categories
  • Module 4 - Nine Principles of Montessori Education
  • Module 5 - Montessori and Students with Varying Exceptionalities

About the Presenter

Joyce Pickering

Shelton School & Evaluation Center

Joyce S. Pickering, HumD, was the AMS 2013 Living Legacy, and is a former president of the AMS Board of Directors. She is the executive director emerita of Shelton School & Evaluation Center and co-director of Shelton Montessori Teacher Education Center, both in Dallas, TX. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood).

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