Board-Nominated Slate

Each year, the Board-nominated slate contains individuals who ensure that the Board includes persons with expertise in needed specialties. In 2019, 3 individuals are on the slate. You are voting to either:

  • Approve all 3 candidates or
  • Not approve all 3 candidate

The slate will take office in July 2019. 

Who Can Vote?

Individual members: Every current individual member (teacher, head of school, teacher educator, adult learner, and general member) has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate.

Organizational members: Every Accredited, Full, Associate, Initiate, and International member school, and every AMS-affiliated TEP, has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate. Multiple votes are not allowed. Organizational members cast

Janet H. Bagby, PhD

Janet BagbySenior Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology
Baylor University
Waco, Texas


"My commitment to Montessori education began 25 years ago when my son attended Waco Montessori School. Since that time I served in a variety of roles on the AMS Research Committee from 2003 – 2017. I have also conducted Montessori-related research and co-authored articles in Montessori Life. As a faculty member in Baylor University’s Department of Educational Psychology, I strongly believe in the Montessori philosophy and the important work of AMS to support and promote quality opportunities for all children to learn. Having served on numerous nonprofit boards and committees, my varied experience in leadership, goal setting, fundraising and oversight is a testament to my ability to work collaboratively for a common purpose. I believe the on-going responsibility for the AMS Board of Directors is to successfully develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for achieving our vision. I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this mission."

Geoffrey E. Bishop

Geoffrey BishopExecutive Director and Founder
Nature’s Classroom Institute and Montessori School
Mukwonago, Wisconsin
AMS-credentialed (Administrator)


"As an AMS Board member I see my role as a cheer leader for our members, a standard-bearer for Montessori philosophy and an inspiration to the AMS staff as we work towards achieving our goals. As a leader in education for the past 30 years, I bring my skills as a mentor, mediator, and visionary to the AMS Board. My priorities as a Board member will be to support the membership and staff in areas of teacher education and state collaborations and to help create a national voice for Montessori. Alongside, my international experience will allow me to support Montessori as a global movement in Asia and Europe. I will continue to passionately advocate for children to learn, grow, and express themselves in inspiring spaces that encompass the natural world and human made spaces."

Sharon J. Damore, PhD

Sharon DamoreEducational Consultant and Adjunct Professor
Chicago, Illinois


"Over 35 years of professional work with elementary and secondary schools, higher education and professional volunteerism. My service to AMS continues to instill in me professional pride. Through my work at AMS with commissions, committees, and collaborations, I believe I have demonstrated the ability to lead, mentor, motivate, build teams, be perceived as a collaborator, and represent the voice of the members.

For the future, I am pleased to support operationalizing AMS strategic goals which positions school and teacher education quality as well as diversity and inclusivity at the forefront. Progress made, but always important work to do. Collectively we can catapult quality Montessori forward, increasing access to more children globally.

I believe that I have served AMS as an effective professional volunteer with a high level of dedication, enthusiasm and integrity and will continue to do so, if afforded the opportunity to serve you for another term."