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Public Education Sector

In spring 2012, AMS launched a National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), to assist with the growth and sustainability of Montessori programs in public, charter, and magnet schools across the United States. The intent is to serve and advocate for all Montessori public schools, regardless of geographic location, affiliation, or school type.

Now in the development phase, the Center’s work is being clustered into 4 basic areas:

  1. Advocating for new and existing public Montessori programs.
  2. Providing technical assistance for public Montessori practitioners.
  3. Ensuring quality programming through research and evaluation.
  4. Disseminating accurate information related to Montessori education in the public sector.

Staff and consultants will be available to assist with:

  • Providing guidance on the resources needed to start a school;
  • Devising a plan to acquire high-quality, licensed Montessori teachers;
  • Ensuring quality Montessori instruction for diverse learners;
  • Meeting state student achievement standards;
  • Addressing matters of equity, and protecting program integrity in the face of national and local reform agendas.

The director of the NCMPS is Keith Whitescarver.

We will provide more information as available.

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