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AMS 2013 Living Legacy: Joyce Pickering

Leave your words of congratulations for Joyce below.

Joyce PickeringDr. Joyce S. Pickering is a 40-year Montessorian, speech and hearing pathologist, and learning disabilities specialist who has devoted her life to addressing the needs of students with learning differences.

Currently, Joyce is executive director emerita of Shelton School & Evaluation Center in Dallas, Texas, the world’s largest private school for children with learning differences.

Under her tenure as executive director (1990 – 2010), Shelton saw significant growth and development, including an expansion of the application of the Montessori philosophy and practice and, in 2009, the launching of the Shelton Montessori Teacher Education Center. Joyce also oversaw the creation of an outreach center that annually responds to more than 27,000 requests for information and resources, and the development of a unique collaboration between Shelton, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the University of Texas, and Dallas’s Center for Brain Health.

Joyce is an adjunct professor at Dallas Baptist University, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and vice-president for accreditation of the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council—as well as vice-president of AMS and an active member of several AMS committees. In her “spare time,” Joyce travels the world to present classes about Montessori education and how to meet the needs of learning-different students.

Gracious and soft spoken, Joyce is loved by everyone in her wide circle of colleagues, friends, and family, which includes husband Robert Pickering, a former AMS president; 5 children; and 12 grandchildren.

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We at Somersfield Academy, Bermuda are honored to have you in house this week Dr. Pickering for a special 3 day PD session. You truly are a living legend and we are grateful for the opportunity to gain some knowledge from your wisdom.

Tamara Hammer-Furbert, Student

08 /30 /2016 - Devonshire/Bermuda

Of course Joyce is a Living Legend; she treats every individual she meets with the same care and respect she gives to the young children she teaches. Joyce manages to see the best in people, even when they don't see it themselves. Her obvious joy of humbly supporting and encouraging, backed by a plethora of knowledge and experience makes the world a better place. I am honored to know her.

Michelle Burr, She is my teacher and mentor

02 /24 /2015 - Milwaukee/Wisconsin/USA

I would like to take the seminar on sep.26 thank you.

zumbula andreeva, teacher

09 /26 /2013 - lombard ill dupage

Congratulations Dr Joyce! My name is Joyce. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I found this website when I search for scholarships and read the inspiring short stories of you. Me and my husband are passionate about children's learning and character building, especially kids living in poverty. Your award have inspired me to be great woman like you! Once again congratulations!

Joyce Pelupessy, Admirer

09 /03 /2013 - Jakarta, Indonesia

What a magnificent contribution to this world. Your dedication has sent ripples of inspiration across the globe. For me personally, your gracious words permanently changed my course and way of thinking as a mother and teacher. I am forever grateful to the gifts you bring so generously to all of us. So glad to hear you are being celebrated!

Laragene Williams

04 /26 /2013 - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Congratulations Joyce! I enjoy following the growth and celebrations of Shelton. My experiences and professional development there are unmatched and still serve as my foundation for teaching, learning, and leading. My hope is to find my way back to Montessori education eventually! I can think of no one more deserving of this award. Thank you for the vision and service you continue to provide for the children who need it most. Sincerely, Paige Roberts

Paige Roberts, Formerly employed at Shelton

02 /23 /2013 - Elkhorn, NE

Thank you for all you have done for our daughter, Mary, and all you have done for the LD community at large. We love you and Shelton.

Gary & Melanie Brown, Alumni parent

02 /21 /2013 - Dallas

Dear Dr.Joyce, How proud you must be to be honored with the Living Legacy award! Congratulations on your achievement. I would love to be there to hear your presentation, unfortunately turn of events will keep me from traveling to Florida. Best of luck, keep spreading your words. Do you teach any online courses? In high regards; Lois

Lois A. Carter, AMS member, 30 year Montessorian

01 /24 /2013 - Elk Park, N.C.

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet you and your colleagues from Sheldon at the conference. I am equally excited to visit Sheldon, which I plan to do very soon. Welcome to Florida! I hope you enjoy the conference and your visit.

Linda Benline Carter

01 /12 /2013 - Seminole, FL U.S.A.

Dr. Pickering,Congratulations! Coming to your workshops made me a better teacher. Teachers and students across the miles thank you.

Loretta Honnoll Ross, Admirer

08 /09 /2012 - Houston, Texas

Congratulations, Dr.Pickering! You have taught me how to recognize learning differences in my students, and to honor those differences and the students. You are truly a gift to the world-wide Montessori community and Dallas is one lucky city to have you, and what you have built at The Shelton School!

Kimberly Duncan, I used to live in Dallas and teach at White Rock. I have followed Dr. Pickering's work , seeing her speak every chance I got for 15 years.

07 /27 /2012 - Austin TX USA

When I met Joyce for the first time, I was immediately cognizant of those qualities many great people possess: a powerful, quiet dignity combined with a confident, comfortable sense of her place in the world… and what a world she has helped us to see! She has helped educate us to know there is no option but inclusion for those children whose voices are sometimes louder and more insistently demanding than is the norm for students in a Montessori classroom. Her message: ”All Maria's children have a place in the choir."

Marge Ellison, Admirer

07 /26 /2012 - Houston

Dr. Pickering was my AMS training teacher at Shelton School Evaluation Center in Dallas, Texas. She taught us Philosophy of Montessori, and it was an amazing experience to be able to learn and hear her lecture! She is an amazing, inspiring women! Congratulations!

Mila (Shehrat Muzib), Former Student

07 /05 /2012 - Dallas, Texas

Definitely well deserved. Great to hear this.

Matt Bronsil

07 /05 /2012

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