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November 13, 2017

Dear Fellow Montessorians,

Among the many pleasures of stepping into my position as AMS executive director this summer has been getting to know my colleagues in the field. This includes the astute and inspired leadership teams of the Association Montessori International/USA, the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (an AMS and AMI/USA collaboration), and the Association Montessori Internationale. It has meant a lot to me that they’ve been so quick to extend a welcoming hand and express their keen interest in not just maintaining, but also growing their partnership with AMS.

Special thanks to AMI executive director, Lynn Lawrence; and board president, Phillip O’Brien; AMI/USA’s interim ED, Alyssa Schwartz; incoming ED, Debby Riordan; and board president, Gretchen Hall; along with MPPI’s Wendy Shenk-Evans, Denise Monnier, and other Council members and associates.

All have underscored their belief that policymakers need to hear a unified voice from the Montessori community in order to create Montessori-friendly policy—and I couldn’t agree more. Indeed, I credit teamwork and diverse perspectives for a majority of the successes that I have seen in my professional life—and am particularly convinced that it is critical to the momentum and success of the Montessori Movement.

At our 2018 Annual Conference in Denver, I’ll be welcoming a number of these extraordinary individuals from AMI and AMI/USA to our community and sharing with you information about some of our joint work. I hope you will be there to be a part of the excitement—as well as to share your own stories. Knowing of your victories, your needs, and your challenges, along with your hopes and dreams for the future, will help us set a roadmap for the future.

In advance of the conference—still 4 months away—I’d like to share with you a Montessori Policy Landscape Analysis that was created for the MPPI. Based on research conducted earlier in the year, the analysis can serve as a rich resource for advocacy on behalf of high-quality Montessori education. If you are involved in this arena, I hope you will find it useful! I’ve included some links below so that you can find out more.

It is a joy to be partnering with our colleagues at AMI/USA through initiatives such as MPPI—as well as with you. Regardless of your professional affiliation, I thank you for being part of the Montessori community.


Timothy Purnell AMS Executive Director

Timothy J. Purnell, EdD
Executive Director

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