Upcoming Requirements for AMS Secondary Teachers and Heads of Schools

Upcoming Requirements for AMS Secondary Teachers and Heads of Schools

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September 21, 2016. In keeping with AMS’s commitment to define and advocate for quality Montessori schools, in 2011 the AMS Board of Directors voted on several matters related to qualifications for AMS teachers and heads of school that will go into effect in 2020.

While information about this has been included in school membership renewal packets sent to our community every year since the vote (and is included on our School Membership webpage), we are highlighting it here so that those who do not yet meet the requirements will have sufficient time to do so over the next several years.

Effective July 1, 2020:

Lead teachers in Secondary-level classes in AMS accredited and full-member schools who are teaching math, English, history, humanities, or sciences will be required to have the appropriate Montessori credential, i.e., Secondary I or I-II. The credential may be issued by a teacher education program accredited by MACTE. Currently AMS is the only organization with MACTE-accredited teacher education programs that offers Secondary credentials.

Heads of AMS-accredited and full-member schools must hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher). In addition, the head of school must either:

  • Hold a Montessori credential and score a requisite number of points for professional development and related work experience as detailed on the Head of School Requirements Verification Form. The Montessori credential can be from any Montessori teacher education program, regardless of whether or not it is AMS-affiliated, with the exception of programs with 100% online delivery. It can be either an administrator credential or a teacher credential.
  • Score a requisite number of points (higher than above) for professional development and related work experience, as detailed in the AMS Head of School Portfolio Variance Form.

The board’s vote in favor of these requirements is a signal of AMS’s commitment to upholding rigorous standards of quality in its member schools. By setting high expectations for qualifications of school heads and teaching staff, AMS assures that our member schools are led by highly qualified who are well-versed in and guided by Montessori philosophy and practice.

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