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November 17, 2015

Dear Montessori Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I reflect on the recent violent events in the world Like you, I am in shock over the senselessness and brutality of the attacks. To the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones, I extend my deepest sympathies. To those who have been wounded, I offer my thoughts and prayers.  And because the attacks were levied not only against the people of particular cities, but against all of humanity, and the values we hold dear, I share my fervent hope that we will one day live in the peaceful world envisioned by Maria Montessori—who herself lived in turbulent times.

Yesterday I received a statement about the Paris attacks that was e-mailed by Boston University’s School of Theology. I found this passage, by Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore, PhD, to be particularly moving. With Dean Moore’s permission, I am sharing it with you here:

In the best of Islam, jihad is the struggle to bring about good, or striving toward good. In the best of Christianity, discipleship is following the radical love of Jesus Christ. In the best of Judaism, hope is focused on God and the potential of God’s people to contribute to tikkun olam, or repair of the world. In the center of Buddhism is compassion. These religious traditions are complex and they are not the same, but we have much to learn from one another and abundant work to do if we are going to walk together through horror and fear, and work together to seek and create hope for tomorrow.    

Richard A. Ungerer
Executive Director
American Montessori Society

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