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January 29, 2014—AMS is taking a careful look at 2 matters that could affect our member schools: multi-age groupings, a hallmark of authentic Montessori; and Montessori and the International Baccalaureate.

Multi-Age Groupings
The AMS School Accreditation Commission has created a Multi-Age Grouping Task Force to examine how AMS defines multi-age grouping and its impact on AMS’s definition of quality Montessori. Our current School Accreditation Standards & Criteria—considered best practices for all our member schools, but required for our accredited schools—currently state that “a 3-year age span is the optimal configuration for early childhood and elementary Montessori classrooms … a school seeking accreditation must apply for a variance if this specified age span standard is not met.” Serving on the task force are current AMS school accreditation commissioners and AMS Board members.

Montessori & the International Baccalaureate
AMS has embarked on a project to determine areas of convergence and divergence between Montessori and the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is a not-for-profit foundation offering programs of international education and assessment to thousands of schools worldwide. The AMS project is in response to a growing trend we're seeing of schools offering "blended" Montessori and IB programs, or offering a Montessori program at the early grades and IB in the later years.

Share Your Thoughts
We welcome your opinions, perceptions, and experiences as they to relate the above. Contact Sara Wilson, director of school accreditation and school improvement.

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