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Frequently Asked Questions about the AMS Professional Development Requirement

If I don’t earn 50 hours of PD in the time required, will my credential expire?
Your credential will become inactive—not expired. You will need to complete the 50-hour PD requirement to reactivate it.

How do I reactivate my credential?
Fulfill the 50-hour professional development requirement and log the information using our tracking form. Upon approval of your PD, we will reactive your credential.

I completed course work for my credential before July 1, 2013, but I received notice that I need to complete the 50-hour requirement. Why?
The AMS PD requirement is based on the date the credential was issued, not when you completed your coursework. Please check your credential for the issue date.

I was supposed to have completed 50 hours of PD by December 31, 2018, but I won’t. Now what?

Can AMS tell me how many hours I have earned?
We can tell you how many hours you have earned at the following:

  • AMS Annual Conferences 2014 – 2018. (We will also track hours earned at The Montessori Event.)
  • AMS live webinars. (We do not have hours on file for on-demand webinars.)

If you attended any of the above and need the information so that you can add it to your PD tracking form, contact us. Note that even though we have the hours on file, you must add them to the form yourself.

When I log my hours, can I save my progress, or do I need to complete them all in one sitting?
At present, all of your hours must be logged at once. If you close your browser, you will lose all of your information for that session. We are working on creating a new system that will allow you to submit PD hours incrementally. (Watch for updates.)

How do I know that my tracking form showing my PD hours has been successfully submitted and approved by AMS?
We will send you confirmation that we’ve received it. If you do not receive the confirmation, contact us.

This does not mean your hours are approved. We will send you a second email after we’ve reviewed your hours, either to notify you that they’ve been approved to request clarification. If your PD did not meet the requirements, rendering your credential inactive, we will let you know. (A reminder that inactive credentials can be made active upon completion of the PD requirement.)

Can you evaluate a course, and let me know if it will qualify for AMS’s CPD requirement?
AMS does not evaluate courses, but you can find guidelines for qualifying events on the Professional Development page on our website.

Do all 50 hours have to be related to Montessori?
No. For more information about PD events that qualify, visit the Professional Development page on our website.

Do college credits count toward my PD requirement, and if so, how many CPD hours are they worth?
Coursework completed at an accredited college or university counts toward your CPD hours. One credit hour will be counted as 15 hours of continuing professional development.

Do the credit hours I acquire for my state teaching license count toward my CPD requirement?

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