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School Support Materials

There’s a world of information available for Montessori professionals. Writers, researchers, and even our own Montessori colleagues add new wisdom to the field every day. We are pleased to offer you some of these resources, below. Other relevant resources can be found on our Teacher Support Materials webpage.


To help busy Montessorians stay up-to-date, AMS regularly surveys the field for “must read” resources and adds them to our list of Recommended Books—all of which are available for purchase.


An up-to-date handbook outlining school policies and procedures is widely accepted as being vital to the running of a successful school. While every school’s handbook is different, there are usually common considerations addressed in all. The handbook on this page was generously shared with us by the head of an AMS-accredited school; references to the school have been removed. Feel welcome to use it as a template for your own.

Sample School Handbook

Sample Forms

From forms relating to Admissions & Exmissions to those addressing Health & Safety, Progress Reports, Field Trips, Financials, and more, it is not unusual for a school to have 20 or more documents on hand for capturing critical information. Here are some samples that have been sent to us by member schools. We will continue to add more as they become available.

Accident/Incident Report
Employee Exit Interview (version 1)
Employee Exit Interview (version 2)
Field Trip Permission
Pre-Arranged Absence

Professional Development

AMS conferences, webinars, webcasts, retreats, and symposia provide opportunities for high-quality, in-depth inquiry and discovery—and all quality for AMS hours of continuing professional development. You can read more on our Events webpages.

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