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Hiring Qualified Montessori Teachers

Hiring teachers that meet American Montessori Society requirements not only helps you maintain your desired AMS-member level, but, more important, it helps ensure that your students can benefit from the guidance of educators who have undergone a rigorous process of study specific to the level at which they are teaching. Below are some of the things we’re often asked about teacher recruitment and hiring, as well as teacher development.

To be a competitive employer, what are some of the things I should offer?

  • A salary that is as good as or better than that offered by others in your demographic area.  (The “AMS Compensation & Benefits Survey Report” is an excellent resource. A free PDF is available to all AMS member schools and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs upon login. All others, visit Shop AMS,)
  • A competitive benefits package that includes, for example, health insurance, a retirement savings plan, funding for professional development, and tuition remission for children enrolled at your school.
  • A relocation package for any teacher who will be moving to your area to accept a position at your school.

I need more credentialed teachers! How can I find them?

  • Reach out to Montessori schools in your area to see if they can refer candidates to you. To aid in your search, use our Find-a-School tool.
  • Contact AMS-affiliated teacher education programs to see if they have adult learners who are looking for a practicum site. To aid in your search, use our Find-a-Teacher-Education-Program tool.
  • If there’s a local Montessori group in your area, become active with it and share your needs with the other educators and administrators in the group. Networking is a powerful tool.
  • Advertise!

How can I advertise for teachers—without spending a fortune?

  • As an AMS organizational member, you may post open positions on the AMS website. The service is free. To post a position, log in to your individual member page and click “Post a Job” in the left menu.
    If you have open positions listed in our Employment Center within a specified number of weeks before an upcoming AMS Annual Conference, we will automatically post them on a dedicated bulletin board at the conference.
  • Local colleges and universities sometimes offer no-cost opportunities to advertise—for example, on online post-a-job services or through their career center.
  • Local media often offer competitively-priced advertising opportunities, both in print and online.
  • Various classified advertisement websites offer low-cost advertising opportunities in select cities; you can do an online search to see if there’s one that serves your area.

Planning ahead, should I be helping to develop Montessori teachers?

At AMS, we believe that staff development (and succession planning) is a critical part of school growth and sustainability—so our answer is a resounding yes! Here are some strategies for you to consider:

  • Sponsor a current teacher at your school for training at an AMS-recognized teacher education program in exchange for the teacher giving a commitment to work in your school for a specified number of years (possibly 3 – 4). Providing tuition assistance in this way is common practice, and is often pursued as a way of strengthening staff even if a credentialed teacher is not immediately needed. If you would like sample training-in-exchange-for-teaching agreements; let us know.
  • Encourage current teachers to apply for a scholarship for Montessori teacher training, such as an AMS Teacher Education Scholarship or one of the many listed on the Teach website.
  • Offer an internship to a local college student. This can be a great way of strengthening your workforce while cultivating the intern’s interest in pursuing Montessori teacher training—and returning to your school with credentials.

Where can I get information on hiring credentialed teachers, including AMS teacher requirements?

Go to our Hiring Credentialed Teachers webpage.

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