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Post an Employment Opportunity

The American Montessori Society maintains an online Employment Center where AMS member schools and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs may post open employment opportunities. There is no fee. Positions posted in our Employment Center are accessible to anyone using the Internet—potentially millions of job seekers around the globe!

Your posting will remain in our Employment Center for up to 3 months.

AMS is not responsible for the accuracy of the content.

To Post

To post an opportunity, you must be logged in as a administrator for an organization(a school or teacher education program) of AMS. I

For help with an organization login, e-mail Member Services or call 212-358-1250.

To post your open position, log in and then click Post a Job in the left menu.

Credential Requirements

AMS requires that full member schools place a Montessori-credentialed lead teacher—or an adult learner who is currently enrolled in a Montessori teacher education program—in every classroom. Associate member schools must employ a credentialed teacher in at least one classroom.

AMS recognizes Montessori credentials from AMS, Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), National Center for Montessori Education (NCME), or other programs that are also accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

Montessori teachers, teacher educators, and administrators who want to work in AMS schools and teacher education programs look for openings posted on the AMS Website. Be sure they see yours!


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