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AMS Member Schools

The American Montessori Society is a vital professional organization dedicated to supporting quality Montessori education. Included among our members are approximately 1,200 Montessori schools.

AMS member schools can be privately owned or part of a public education system. They may be not-for-profit or for-profit, secular or parochial. Some are independent, while others are part of a larger organization or corporation, such as a university, a Montessori teacher education program, or a religious institution.

AMS member schools are located both within and outside the United States. Schools outside the U.S. are called “international member schools.”

Main Schools & Satellite Schools

AMS member schools can be main schools or satellites. AMS defines a satellite in the United States as an additional school site located in the same state but not immediately adjacent to a school’s main site (identified as the site serving the largest number of children). In other countries, a satellite may be in the same district or province as the main school site. When a school with multiple sites applies for AMS membership, the school must submit separate applications for all of its sites at the same time. Each site will be assigned the appropriate membership level.

Ethical Expectations

AMS membership is open to any Montessori school that agrees to comply with the AMS Code of Ethics. Because AMS does not have the enforcement power of a state education department or other licensing agency, each member school is expected to require and ensure that all employees abide by the Code.

Levels of Membership

Joining AMS opens a world of opportunity to Montessori schools everywhere. Take a look at our school membership options.

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    AMS-Accredited Schools

    Some AMS member schools have earned AMS accreditation, a designation that a program meets a well-defined standard of excellence. AMS-accredited schools must meet AMS School Accreditation Standards and Criteria.

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