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Resources for Research

To assist the growing number of researchers examining Montessori education, the American Montessori Society provides links to a variety of online resources.

In addition to recommending useful research databases and sources of funding, we offer guidelines to help frame your work, and connections to other education organizations that can help you share your research results with the broader community.

Ethical Guidlelines

The AMS Research Committee, with input from other active researchers, has developed guidelines to provide an ethical framework for individuals pursuing Montessori-related research. The guidelines were informed by models used by other organizations engaged in research involving children and educators and are aligned with the American Montessori Society’s Code of Ethics.

These guidelines will be taken consideration when we review work such as conference presentation and poster session proposals, and applications for research awards and mini-grants, that is submitted to our organization.

Download the Ethical Guidelines.

Research Bibliographies & Databases

AMS has gathered these comprehensive bibliographies and databases to assist you in planning and conducting Montessori-related research.

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    Funding for Research

    We are pleased to suggest these potential sources of funding for Montessori research.

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      Linking Montessori to the Broader Education Community

      The American Montessori Society is working to create a strong Montessori presence within the greater education community. You can help!

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