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Contact the Editors

Montessori Life editors Kathy Carey (left) and Carey Jones
Montessori Life editors Kathy Carey (left) and Carey Jones

The editors of Montessori Life want to hear from you! Tell them what you would like to read, what topics would best inform your practice, and how AMS can help keep you up-to-date on the state of Montessori education.

Kathy Carey

Contact editor Kathy Carey with letters to the editors, topic ideas, feedback, and content submissions.

Carey Jones

Contact editor Carey Jones with “Last Laugh” anecdotes—funny and/or poignant stories involving your students or children, which appear on the last page of the magazine.

Carey is also the person to contact if your AMS member school or affiliated teacher education program will be celebrating a 5-year, decade, or quarter-century anniversary, so that we can congratulate you in the “Montessori Milestones” section.


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