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Perspectives in the New Literacy: Coding, Programming, and Problem-Solving

Presenter: Kathleen Gasbarro 
For: Elementary and Secondary I Teachers
CPD Hours: 1.5
Available: On Demand

Individual Rental Group Rental


On-Demand Webinar

The presentation is available for a 30-day rental via Vimeo On Demand, allowing you to view the webinar at any time, as often as you would like, within your rental period.

$55/individual (Certificate of Continuing Professional Development for 1 person)
$200/group (CPD certificates for up to 20 persons)


In this webinar, the presenter will share different ways she has introduced programming, and coding concepts to complement and support the Montessori curriculum. Current research in the area of digital and coding literacy will be offered. She will share student samples, as well as demo key programs and “shelf work” that students use for independent exploration.

The Montessori environment fosters opportunities for problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and inquiry. Learning to code and program leads to a deeper understanding of technology interconnectedness and creativity. Our students are part of the continually evolving digital world and have an opportunity to engage critically and purposefully with technology. When children have opportunities to learn how to code and program, it allows for a shift from consumers of technology to producers.

Learning programming languages can provide children with problem-solving and thinking skills “Coding is the new literacy,” said Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab. “To thrive in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technologies.”

Learner Outcomes

  • Enhance your understanding of digital literacy and ability to engage in meaningful conversation about the topic
  • Gain an understanding of different tools to inspire students to develop their own digital literacy skills
  • Understand resources available for coding and programming, including opportunities for grants

Kathleen Gasbarro, MEd, is head of school at Woodside Montessori Academy in Millis, MA. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I).

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