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Montessori Principles Webinar Package

This 5-webinar package takes school leaders without a background in Montessori on a comprehensive journey through the world of Montessoriits pedagogy, principles, and practices—all for 1 low price!

It is available for a 90-day rental via Vimeo On Demand. You may watch all 5 webinars any time and as often as you like within your rental period. 

Cost: $150 for a package of 5 webinars (Certificate of Continuing Professional Development for 1 person).

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On-Demand Webinar Package

Montessori Principles: The Role of the Montessori Teacher

This webinar will present a key to guiding your Montessori school effectively by understanding the role of the teacher, along with the big-picture understanding of the basic concepts informing the curriculum, tone, and environment of your school.

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    Montessori Principles: Observation: Montessori's Secret Ingredient

    This webinar will you think more broadly about observation at the administrative level, used not only as an annual employee assessment tool but as a way to achieve a more encompassing view of classroom and school effectiveness. 

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      Montessori Principles: The Prepared Environment

      We will explore the 6 principles of the Montessori prepared environment—freedom, structure & order, beauty, nature & reality, social environment, and intellectual environment—and discuss your role, as school leader, in ensuring that objectives for your classroom environments are met, so that students may experience success and joy in learning “the Montessori way.”

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        Montessori Principles: Creating a Dynamic Parent-Education Program

        Come learn how one school took a good hard look at what today’s parents need and redesigned its parent-education program to engage and educate its community—resulting in parent participation that has never been higher.

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          Montessori Principles: Pulling It All Together

          Join us for an overview of the basic Montessori elements that will help you, as a school administrator, guide your school community knowledgeably, confidently, and effectively.

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