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Linking Inputs & Outputs: Authentic Assessment for Authentic Montessori in the Public Sector

Presenter: Keith Whitescarver and Jacqueline Cossentino
For: Public Montessori principals and other administrators

Some of the most significant challenges faced by all public schools—Montessori and other—revolve around assessment. How do we demonstrate what our students know and can do? For Montessorians, this challenge is often made more acute by a testing regime that does not take into account the personalized and cumulative nature of learning in fully implemented Montessori schools. This session will present a framework for addressing this challenge. Drawing from preliminary results of the “What, Why, & How” research project, an investigation of the methods and outcomes of Montessori education in the United States, Jackie Cossentino and Keith Whitescarver will share an approach to documenting student outcomes and linking those outcomes to the unique nature of Montessori teaching and learning. They will reveal newly developed assessment tools and outcome measures that assist schools and teachers in “measuring what matters” in Montessori classrooms and schools. Together, these innovative measures offer potentially promising new ways to effectively document the deep learning that occurs in Montessori learning environments.


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