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2018 Annual Conference

AMS 2018 Annual Conference Logo Montessori Inside and Out

American Montessori Society 2018 Annual Conference 
March 22 – 25
Sheraton Denver Downtown
Denver, Colorado

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About the Conference

An education that goes beyond merely helping a child understand the outside world, but aims to “enthuse him to his inmost core” (Maria Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential). That’s what Dr. Maria Montessori envisioned and created, and it’s what still inspires our work today. Montessori lets us dive deep to discover the truth that lies both inside and outside — in our own hearts and minds, in nature and the environment, and in the societies and communities we create. As educators, parents, and advocates, we strive to expand Montessori ideals and practices beyond classroom walls, in our understanding of the crucial role of physical activity and play; our fostering of respect and responsibility for ourselves and others around us; the real-world experiences we give our children; and the mission we share to infuse Montessori principles into public policy. 

In 2018, we’re gathering in the mountain city of Denver, Colorado, a magnificent place to learn about and reflect on Montessori both inside and outside the classroom. Join us at the AMS 2018 Conference to explore, discuss, and discover the many ways we experience Montessori “in” and “out” — from new neurological research into the positive effects of Montessori on the brain, to our schools’ inspired outdoor classrooms and playscapes, to a motivated Montessori Movement that is getting the word out to the broader education community about the profound benefits of our approach. Come meet friends old and new to celebrate our successes, identify and confront our challenges, and plan for opportunities that lie ahead—in our schools, in our growing Montessori communities, and out in the larger world.

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