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Thursday Afternoon Workshops

Thursday, March 9 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Presenter: Teresa Noble

Come sing, dance, engage in finger-plays, and play games that will transform your circle time into trips around the world. You’ll experience and learn how to better assist children’s understanding and appreciation of cultures from every continent through these alluring and exciting large-group activities.

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Presenter: JoAnne Enochson

This presentation, for teachers with even minimal musical background, includes simple steps for individual and group composition activities that expand students’ musical knowledge. Take your students from singing “Do, Re, Mi” to playing rhythmic tempos and translating their favorite poems or Dr. Suess rhymes into melodic experiences.

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Presenter: Syneva Barrett

You’ll learn storytelling techniques and tips, visit grammar lessons through The Pronoun Prince and A Very Strange Day, and leave with scripts for all the stories.

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Presenters: Julie Karlonas, Christine Daisy Han

Come learn about and, more important, use a wide variety of three-dimensional art materials in a supportive environment. You’ll be free to chose and use the materials you like, and you’ll gain valuable insights into children’s art experiences.

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Presenters: Charis Sharp, Josh Oboler

Come learn about validation processes for Montessori schools that have been established or are being developed in several states. Though these processes have the potential of supporting the Montessori advocacy work being done around the nation, what’s the difference between validation and accreditation – and who determines if a school is “valid”?

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Presenters: Mary Ellen Kordas, Kathy Roemer

Join us for an efficient exercise in drilling down to your particular interests and establishing relationships with peers who share similar questions or have the expertise you’re looking for!

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Presenters: Gina Lofquist, Abbie Kelly

AMS affiliation is a mark of quality and excellence in teacher education programs. This worshop will provide essential information for developing a TEP and familiarize you with AMS requirements as well as the application and self-study process.

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