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Workshop Session 7

Sunday, March 12 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Presenter: AnaMaria Rivera

Amplíe sus propios confines espirituales examinado 5 prácticas clave que llegan al amor y rinden honor a la luz de cada niño y aprenda a aplicar estas prácticas a su propia vida para un efecto transformativo en su enseñanza o en la crianza de sus hijos.

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Presenter: Pauline Novak

You will learn techniques for gently coaching your students’ emotional intelligence by guiding them in calming themselves down, using language to express their feelings, and treating others with kindness. This workshop will also address developmental dysfunctions and successful interventions that develop social competence.

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Presenter: Yolanda Romanelli

This workshop will explore different approaches collected through research in public and private Montessori schools, with special attention to charter and public school programs where there can be added pressures to measure performance.

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Presenters: Gabriella Romero, Ashley Voigt, Deborah Flores

Come learn how to encourage early literacy—not learning the alphabet nor pushing reading on children, but exposing them to books, nursery rhymes, and stories while modeling book care, narrative skills, phonological awareness, and vocabulary enrichment.

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Presenters: Erin Galvin Gutierrez, Susan Grassey

Come see how one school incorporates Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards into the Montessori Upper Elementary mathematics curriculum to develop deeper conceptual understanding and mathematical thinking.

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Presenter: Anita Hanks

This discussion will take a close look at the unique value propositions offered by Montessori schools and present the experiences of a school that successfully maintains a full and balanced enrollment for students ages 2 – 15.

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Presenter: Melani Alexander Fuchs

This workshop will introduce concepts and lessons for teaching fundamental movements, the building blocks within the fundamental movement phase of motor development.

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Presenters: Kathy Carey, Charlotte Wood-Wilson

You will be invited to play games and work with matrices that you can use with your students to take them from physical knowledge to logical mathematical knowledge, such as explorations of concepts of order, hierarchical inclusion, patterns, logical classification, open and closed sorting, and logical quantification.

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Presenter: John Branch

This workshop will draw from Montessori philosophy to construct an alternative view of grading and assessment at the Secondary level.

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Presenter: Clary Gasper

Come learn how to organize these projects so they run smoothly, are achievable by diverse learners, and produce a final product children feel proud of. Hands-on practice time and materials will be provided so that you can become comfortable with the projects yourself—no sewing experience required.

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Presenters: Larry Schanker, Laurie Stockton-Moreno

Come participate in 3 boundary-breaking creative experiences that integrate cultural exploration with multiple art forms.

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