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Morning Meditation: Finding Peace & Balance

Saturday, March 11 6:30 AM - 7:15 AM

Presenter: Kathy McGinn

Target Audience: All

Rise and truly shine—all day long—by setting your intentions for the day in a guided mediation that will leave you renewed, refreshed, recharged, and centered. Today’s program will offer flexible meditation options to suit your needs. Come with an open mind and heart for a meditative experience followed by a range of energy exercise that will open the door for peace and centeredness. We will also have the opportunity to discuss your meditation experiences and learn how to incorporate a meditation practice into your daily work-preparation routine.

Please also join us for “Morning Meditation: The Way of the Evolutionary,” Friday, 6:30 AM – 7:15 AM.

About the Presenter

Kathy McGinn

Kathy McGinn is an Upper Elementary lead teacher at Geist Montessori Academy in McCordsville, IN, and a spiritual guide.

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