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2015 Annual Conference

AMS 2015 Annual Conference

AMS 2015 Annual Conference
March 12 – 15  •  Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Philadelphia, PA

Audio recordings are available now! In collaboration with EGAMI A/V, AMS is excited to offer audio recordings from the conference, giving you 24/7 access to over 150 workshops and keynote addresses, including Jennifer Senior and Julian Bond. That’s nearly 150 hours of conference information for streaming or downloading, right at your fingertips! Note that Jack Andraka's keynote addresses is not included in this package. Order Now!

"Life. Liberty. Montessori!"

The new education has as its primary aim the discovery and freeing of the child," Maria Montessori wrote. As we gather this year in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love and a birthplace of American independence, we celebrate the respect for discovery and freedom that drives Montessori education. Just as the American founders used a revolutionary idea to form a new nation, Montessorians around the world are bringing our own revolutionary thinking to broken models of education.

Join us at the AMS 2015 Conference as we meet friends old and new to examine and discuss a thrilling range of topics, paying tribute to the freedom with responsibility at the heart of Montessori. Our global community is diverse and thriving, and we’ll reaffirm our commitments to ourselves, our students, our local communities, and our world. The freedom that we treasure and that we foster in our students is, after all, a lifetime responsibility. We’ll build new ideas for using freedom in productive and respectful ways in our classrooms and our homes, and in the ever-widening spheres of Montessori influence.

Together, we’ll renew our focus on compassion and connectedness in an increasingly fractured world, so that we can help our children and ourselves deepen the calmness, mindfulness, and resilience that are hallmarks of liberated learners. Let's reflect on our past successes and forge a bold future for Montessori in Philadelphia, a city that reminds us of the strengths our freedoms give us to lead the way forward.

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