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Keynote Address: Rick Steves

Friday, March 23 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Keynote Address: Rick Steves Illustrative Image

"The Global Classroom"

Iconic traveler Rick Steves joins us to share his thoughts on how the creativity, conflict, friendship, faith, art, customs, and cuisine he has witnessed and enjoyed over a lifetime of globe-trotting have led him to adopt a broader, more compassionate, view of mankind, and a belief that travel can be a force for peace and understanding in the world. From pondering fascism in Mussolini-era buildings in Milan, the intersections of Christianity and Islam in Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia, and morality among matadors in Seville’s bullfighting rings, Rick Steves will show how our planet makes the perfect classroom, providing a venue to build lessons across a variety of curricular areas.

Whether you are making the grand tour inside your classroom, or hopping a flight, students in tow, to destinations abroad, Mr. Steves will deepen your appreciation of cultural studies. He’ll inspire you to guide your students to experience the world “through the back door,” by leaving ethnocentric viewpoints behind, becoming cultural chameleons, and treating travel as a political act. He’ll encourage you to use culture and place to tell the story of today’s people, and help us see that we’re much more alike than we may seem on first appearance. You’ll come away with renewed appreciation of cultural studies as a core element of the Montessori curriculum and an investment in your students’ abilities to create a better, more peaceful world.

A merchant in Istanbul's spice market shows off the day's best selection

About Rick Steves

Rick Steves is a staple on shelves in bookstores across the world, authoring over 50 best-selling guidebooks, phrase books, and pocket guides on European travel. He is the host of the public television series Rick Steves’ Europe, carried by over 300 PBS stations nationwide. His podcast, Travel with Rick Steves, presents travelers, historians, authors, guides, and chefs from around the world sharing their insights on global culture. His travel empire includes seminars, group tours, and free downloadable audio walking tours. Rick advocates smart, affordable, perspective-broadening travel. His original book, Europe through the Back Door, first published in 1980, encourages Americans to travel as "temporary locals," and offers tips for helping travelers connect much more intimately and authentically with Europeans for a fraction of what mainstream tourists pay.

Rick’s 2009 book, Travel as a Political Act, offers reflections on how his nearly 50 years of travel have broadened his own perspectives, and how travel can be a significant force for peace and understanding in the world. The book is complimented by the groundbreaking special, Rick Steves’ Iran, which helped build understanding between Iranians and Americans by offering a glimpse into Iran’s people, politics, culture, history, and contemporary life. Rick lives and works in his hometown of Edmonds, WA, where his office window overlooks his old junior high school.

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