Montessori Principles: Pulling It All Together

Details and Price

Presenters: Marge Ellison, Betsy Coe 
Representing: Houston Montessori Center, Houston TX
For: Montessori school leaders interested in an overview of Montessori concepts


This presentation is part of a package of 5 webinars available for a 90-day rental via Vimeo On Demand. You may watch all 5 webinars any time and as often as you like within your rental period.

$150/package of 5 webinars (Certificate of Continuing Professional Development for 1 person) 


This webinar will reinforce what you have learned in the other webinars in the package and bring to light other characteristics of quality programs. You will come away with a keen understanding of what makes the Montessori pedagogy so compelling and how you, as a school leader, can use this knowledge to guide your community successfully.

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of a quality Montessori program including multi-age grouping, uninterrupted work time, child-directed work, and properly qualified teachers
  • The Montessori Parent-Teacher-Child Triangle, in which parents and teachers work collaboratively on all aspects of a child’s educational development (cognitive, social, emotional, and physical)
  • The organic evolution of the school leader as the architect, builder, and guardian in an environment with children who are ever-changing
  • The 4 Planes of Development, as articulated by Maria Montessori, and how they can help you internalize the many dimensions of responsibility in building an appropriate learning environment for each age level moving toward independence
  • How looking at desired Montessori outcomes builds the vision for a future that is based on respect and understanding

Learner Outcomes

You will come away with an understanding of:

  • The relationship between the child, the learning environment, and the adult in a Montessori program
  • What it means to be a classroom architect, builder, and guardian
  • The importance of both educators and parents as role models for children
  • Montessori’s 4 Planes of Development and how they inform the preparation of an appropriate learning environment for each age level
  • The desired student outcomes of a Montessori education

About the Presenters

Margaret (Marge) Ellison is founder and head of Montessori Country Day School in Houston, TX.  She is also a member of the Montessori Life Editorial Advisory Board, the AMS Living Legacy Committee, and the AMS School Leadership Development Committee, and president of the boards of the Houston Montessori Center and the Children’s Enrichment Fund in Houston. Formerly Marge was a member of the AMS Board of Directors and chair of the Heads of Schools Section. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Administrator).

Betsy Coe, PhD, is founder and principal of the Woods Montessori Middle School and High School in Houston, TX, and executive director of the Houston Montessori Teacher Education Center. She is a former president of the AMS Board of Directors and chair of the Teacher Education Advisory Commission. Betsy was the AMS 2008 Living Legacy and the recipient of a MACTE Wisdom of the Elders Award. AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I – II, Secondary I – II, Administrator).