Inclusion for Secondary Students with Learning Exceptionalities

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Presenter: Gideon M. Smith
Target Audience: Secondary I, Secondary II


Learn how you can best support a Montessori Secondary environment that is inclusive of diverse learners, including those with exceptionalities. This workshop will offer strategies for utilizing assessments, preparing your classroom for all learners, and differentiating lesson plans and instruction. You’ll also explore ideas for professional teaming and learn to be a better observer and record keeper in your classroom. This webinar was originally presented as an AMS conference workshop.

Gideon M. Smith, MEd, is an intervention specialist at Clark Montessori Junior and Senior High School, in Cincinnati, OH. AMS-credentialed (Secondary I–II).

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Single Webinar Rental



Individuals (CPD certificate for 1 participant) $45 $65
Groups (CPD certificates for up to 20 participants) $175 $225

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