Inclusion in Montessori


In our hearts, we want to make sure that our classrooms are places for all children. In practice, this may be challenging. This online professional development bundle offers a collection of resources that will help you prepare an environment welcoming to all the students we encounter in our Montessori environments, including those with learning differences. They also address common concerns around inclusive classrooms, best practices, and tangible solutions.

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Bundle Contents

This bundle on inclusion includes the following online elements:

  1. Inclusion and the Montessori Philosophy (Self-Guided Online Class)
  2. Montessori and ADD/ADHD (Webinar)
  3. Classroom Management in an Inclusive Montessori Environment (Annual Conference Workshop Recording)
  4. Strategies and Tools for Inclusion (Annual Conference Workshop Recording)

Additional supporting materials included in the bundle:

"Supporting Sensory-Sensitive Children in a Sensory-Intensive World"
By Alicia Noddings, PhD
Montessori Life Spring 2017

"Classroom Solutions for Sensory-Sensitive Students"
By Alicia Noddings, PhD
Montessori Life Summer 2017

"When Sensory Sensitivity Requires Intervention: Assessment and Treatment of Sensory-Sensitive Children"
By Alicia Noddings, PhD
Montessori Life Fall 2017

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify parts of the brain and how humans learn.
  • Understand the connection between Montessori’s Four Planes of Development with children who have typical and atypical learning development.
  • Differentiate the multitude of varying exceptionalities.
  • Apply Montessori education to children with varying exceptionalities.
  • Gain knowledge of specific symptoms that may manifest themselves in the Montessori classroom, and serve as indicators of a problem with attention.
  • Learn several approaches to communicating with parents regarding the possible need for an evaluation and providing effective ongoing progress reports.
  • Identify strategies to use in the Montessori classroom to improve independent work skills, organization skills, and improved focus.
  • Identify a behavioral approach to use with children who have difficulties due to ADD or ADHD.

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