A Letter from the AMS Board of Directors

MARCH 29, 2020

Dear AMS Community,

As all of us respond to the public health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMS Board of Directors has been confronted by many unprecedented circumstances and, accordingly, has taken many equally unprecedented and difficult actions in response.

Over the past week, we have worked to strengthen the continuity of our organization’s operations to position us for future recovery. Our interim executive director, along with other staff and the board, are continuing to work with all of our schools, teacher education programs, and other businesses, and we will persevere through this time of challenge as a united, strong, and compassionate community. We appreciate your forbearance as we all move forward through these uncertain times. We, like you, must make difficult decisions on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

We are aware of the extraordinary efforts you have made, and are continuing to make, to ensure the success of our students. We are extremely grateful. We know you work long hours and are doing extraordinary work to support online learning, along with other efforts to serve your communities. As members of our AMS family, you are the backbone of the organization and we want you to know that your welfare remains at the center of our concerns as a governing board.

If you are not already aware of our COVID-19 Resources webpage, we invite you to visit it now. We update it daily; you might want to bookmark it. Please pay special attention to the callouts for our daily “AMS Connect Live!” Zoom sessions, and our AMS Connect bulletin boards. Activity on both has been robust, and you’ll want to be sure to be a part of them.

During this time of uncertainty, we all find ourselves on a steep learning curve on many fronts. However, we can assure you that AMS board and staff are tracking and evaluating the latest developments worldwide and we couldn’t be prouder of how everyone in our community has responded during these challenging times.

Every day we see clear evidence of how the AMS community has risen to the challenges set before us. Board members and staff know the profound impact you are having on the lives of Montessori children and adult learners, serving as personal examples of leadership and integrity in a time of crisis, and continuing your role as compassionate educators dedicated to the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. Thank you for your continued support of AMS and our students.


The AMS Board of Directors
Munir Shivji, President | Amira D. Mogaji, Vice President