Professional Directors

Professional Directors are Montessori-credentialed teachers and administrators who provide professional expertise in their given areas. Individuals apply for these positions and are selected to run for office via a rigorous vetting process by the AMS Directorship Committee. 

There are 2 open Professional Director positions. New directors will take office in July 2019. They will serve a 2-year term, after which they are eligible to run for another term; this one, of 3 years. The difference in the length of the terms is to provide a healthy balance of current and incoming members.

Who Can Vote?

Individual members: Every current individual member (teacher, head of school, teacher educator, adult learner, and general member) has 1 vote.

Schools in the U.S.: Every Accredited, Full, and Associate member school receives 1 vote per every 100 students enrolled, or portion thereof. Every Initiate member school has 1 vote. Satellites of Accredited, Full, Associate, and Initiate member schools do not vote directly. Votes allocated to Satellites are added to the main site vote and the main site school casts all votes. Schools with multiple votes may cast all their votes for 1 candidate, or distribute their votes over multiple candidates.

Schools outside the U.S.: Every Accredited, Full, Associate, and Initiate school member gets 1 vote. Satellite locations, if any, do not vote and no additional votes are allotted to main schools based on their satellite locations.

Teacher education programs: Every AMS-Affiliated TEP has 1 vote per AMS-affiliated level for the following levels: Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Administrator. TEPs with multiple votes may cast all their votes for 1 candidate, or distribute their votes over multiple candidates.

Sabrina Binkley

Sabrina BrinkleyHead of School & Founder
Spruce Tree Montessori School
Fairbanks, Alaska
AMS-credentialed (Administrator)


"I believe in forward thinking when it comes to education – both in preserving our ideals as Montessorians and in evolving our practice for the next generation. I see the AMS as a leader for advocacy of child-centered educational experiences. The AMS inspired me to start my own school, earn my Administrator credential, and it serves as a beacon for my team. I have a deep commitment to the fundamental purposes and mission of AMS. The AMS mission to provide leadership and resources has touched me from the moment I clicked the link “How to Start a School” in October 2011 to last fall when I registered myself and 4 staff for this year’s conference in DC. Being elected to the AMS board would connect me to those who also treasure the Montessori philosophy, champion Montessori principles and advocate for quality Montessori education."

Luz Casquejo Johnston, EdD

Luz Casquejo JohnstonAssistant Professor/Program Director
Saint Mary’s College of California
Moraga, California
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I)


"I am running for AMS Board because Montessori education has shaped who I am as a learner, parent and leader. I want to give back to a community that has shaped the trajectory of my life. As a former charter school lower elementary teacher and principal, I understand the value of Montessori in the public sector and the challenges. I want to make sure that we as a community understand and strive to support those who are bringing Montessori to families and children who might not otherwise have the opportunity. In addition, as a researcher, I am committed to study and better understand why the method works and how we can make it better. I feel that the movement is often misunderstood and/or dismissed by the general public. High-quality research can help lift Montessori voices and help public policy makers understand the value of the method and philosophy."

Nancy Lindeman

Nancy LindemanDirector and Assistant Professor
Institute for Montessori Innovation, Westminster College
Salt Lake City, Utah
MIA-credentialed (Early Childhood); MEPI-credentialed (Elementary I, Elementary II, Administrator)


"I am honored to be considered for a position on the AMS Board. I currently serve on both the AMS Research Committee and the Montessori Care committee. My background in special education, as well as 30 years of EC and Elementary I-II classroom and administrative experience in both private and public Montessori schools, fuels my passion for inclusion and diversity. Being a director of an AMS Teacher Education Program has provided me with opportunities to broaden my educational leadership experience. I feel my expertise in the areas of special education, research, and school administration will benefit the AMS Board. I’m proud of the American Montessori Society’s dedication to the professional development of our members, to Dr. Montessori’s vision, and to the children of the world. It will be a great privilege to continue serving the members of AMS as a member of the Board of Directors. Thanks for your consideration."