Chair of the Teachers Section

The Chair of the Teachers Section serves as a liaison between other member teachers and the AMS Board, helping to ensure that their needs, interests, desires, and concerns are heard and considered by our governance body. This person also shares information with the Board about current Montessori teacher practices. The Chair of the Teachers Section is a practicing, credentialed Montessori teacher with 5 or more years in the classroom of a current AMS member school in good standing. Individuals apply for this position and are selected to run for office via a rigorous vetting process by the AMS Directorship Committee.

There are 2 individuals running for Chair of the Teachers Section and 1 open seat. The new Chair will take office in July 2019. The Chair may serve up to 2, 3-year terms.

Who Can Vote?

Voting for the Teachers Section Chair is open to each AMS member and either teaches at a member school or has identified themselves with us as a teacher. Each eligible individual may cast one (1) vote.

Paola Cabassa

Paola CabassaCo-owner & Teacher
Avanti Montessori School
Guatemala City, Guatemala
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood)


"Obtaining my Early Childhood credentials in 2008 in the U.S. made me realize the great opportunity that exists in bringing Montessori to every child. I made it my career mission to bring the highest-quality, credentialed, Montessori method to Guatemala, so my associate and I opened Avanti Montessori preschool in 2009. Joining the AMS board will allow me to strengthen the Montessori community in my region, by learning from experienced board members, expanding my knowledge, and broadening my network. I’d concentrate part of my efforts in expanding TEPs in Latin America so that there can be more and better prepared schools worldwide; I see this as a first step in giving access to Montessori for all children. Finally, I’m excited in contributing to AMS with enthusiastic collaboration and fresh ideas I can share thanks to the valuable lessons learned by successfully building a school from the ground up. #montessori4all"

Candace Proctor

	Candace ProctorLower Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
The Montessori Academy of Arlington
Arlington, Texas
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I)


"I would like to serve as an AMS Board Member to provide a compassionate and understanding voice that represents the needs and values of our diverse, dynamic, and dedicated classroom teachers, both nationally and internationally. Our work as Montessorians is more important than ever before. We lead classrooms that serve as havens for children who yearn for peace, connection, and safety in a world that often feels devoid of all three. I visited my first Montessori classroom twenty-four years ago. In that time, I have grown as a classroom guide and into my roles as Curriculum Coordinator, conference presenter, and teacher trainer; and my passion for Montessori, and its impact on the lives of every child it touches, remains as strong as ever. If elected, I am committed to supporting the personal and professional development of all our teacher members as we model a lifelong love of learning!"