Chair of the Head of Schools Section

The Chair of the Heads of Schools Section serves as a liaison between other heads of AMS-member schools and the AMS Board, helping to ensure that their needs, interests, desires, and concerns are heard and considered by our governance body. The Chair of the HOS Section is an active head at a full-member or accredited AMS school with 5 or more years of experience as a head. Individuals apply for this position and are selected to run for office via a rigorous vetting process by the AMS Directorship Committee.

There are 2 individuals running for Chair of the Head of Schools Section and 1 open seat. The new Chair will take office in July 2019. The Chair may serve up to 2, 3-year terms.

Who Can Vote?

Voting for the Heads of Schools Section Chair is open to each AMS member who is currently head of any AMS member school (whether Accredited, Full, Associate, Satellite, or Initiate). Each eligible head of school may cast one (1) vote.

Patricia Colby, PhD

Patricia ColbyHead of School
Mountaintop Montessori School
Charlottesville, Virginia
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II, Administrator)


"I’ve worked in education for twenty-five years; my experience includes teaching in college, Montessori lower and upper elementary classrooms, and working as a Head of School. I am passionate about promoting the benefits of a Montessori education and helping others along their Montessori journey. Heads of Schools play a critical role in facilitating high quality education and ensuring the longevity of the Montessori method. This is a challenging job — it requires an understanding of the Montessori method, working with Boards, business insight, mentoring and counseling, among other leadership qualities unique to school administrators. My goal is to help AMS create practical school resources, partnerships, and professional development which support the educational, business, and self-care needs of those in these critical leadership positions. I am also excited to collaborate on developing programs to increase the diversity of folks interested in becoming Heads of Schools. Thank you for your support!"

Debbie Senoff-Langford

Debbie Senoff-LangfordHead of School
Jarrow Montessori School
Boulder, Colorado
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I)


"I am very honored to be selected to run for the AMS board. If chosen I feel it is my opportunity to give back to the organization in a meaningful way, hoping to offer a perspective, which will ultimately benefit children and schools. As a committed Montessorian, with over 30 years experience, I continue to feel strongly and believe that Montessori education (in its totality) offers children the opportunity and preparation to meet global challenges. As our collective voice, I support the determination of AMS to broaden its outreach and provide vehicles for quality improvement for schools while becoming more user-friendly and accessible. AMS has worked hard to support schools and has made huge in roads to partner with AMI/ teacher education programs/ and with research organizations to help support its members. I am strongly committed to our mission, and if selected to the board, will continue to help move our agenda forward."