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Educational & Professional Development

Group gathering during a conferneceAMS is proud to promote Montessori education. We believe there is no better system for developing future leaders and the citizens the world needs, critical thinkers who are conscientious and prepared for lifelong learning.

The strength of the Montessori Movement, of course, depends upon the educators who lead it—thousands of individual teachers in Montessori classrooms and their heads of schools. AMS is committed to helping all Montessori educators reach their potential for excellence.

Ongoing Education for All Professional Montessorians

Annual conferences and other events offer unparalleled professional development and continuing education options for heads of schools, program directors, teachers, and teacher educators at every level of expertise. AMS members pay discounted registration fees.

An expanding series of AMS Webinars can brings expert from many fields directly to any Montessorian’s desktop, helping educators sharpen current skills or acquire new knowledge.

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Evaluator Training for Accredited Schools

Individuals from AMS-accredited schools have the opportunity to increase their expertise by joining a peer-evaluation team for another school seeking AMS accreditation. All evaluators benefit from intensive on-site training. For more information, contact Sara Wilson, AMS director of school accreditation & school improvement.

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